5th Shark Meeting 2023 in Zbraslavice: A Week of Camaraderie, Flying, and Exploration

From August 19th to August 26th, 2023, the Shark family gathered for the 5th Shark Meeting in Zbraslavice. Hosted at the Czech airfield near the headquarters of HpH Sailplanes, the event brought together 25 pilots for a week of camaraderie, shared flights, and the utilization of maintenance services offered by HpH.

Set against the backdrop of the Czech airfield, located in close proximity to HpH Sailplanes’ headquarters, the 5th Shark Meeting provided a unique opportunity for pilots to come together, exchange ideas, and enjoy the pleasures of flying in a supportive community. The event took place at a location that not only facilitated flying but also allowed participants to take advantage of maintenance services provided by the HpH team.

The 1st Shark Cup:

To enhance the thrill of flying, the organizers introduced the 1st Shark Cup. Each day began with an excellent briefing by Jaroslav Potmesil, delivered with his unique sense of humor. Despite challenging weather conditions, characterized by warm air and low cloud bases, the pilots faced the demanding tasks with enthusiasm and skill, making the Shark Cup a memorable addition to the annual gathering.

Let’s delve into the achievements of these champions who soared to victory.


  1. DM Mathias Miskys
  2. 3J Joachim Kuhlmann
  3. KG Klaus Gruber

HpH Maintenance Services:

The dedicated service team from HpH, led by Jacub Potmesil, was present almost every day, overseeing both minor and major maintenance tasks. This unique offering in the world of glider manufacturers was met with gratitude by the Shark family, highlighting the commitment of HpH Sailplanes to support their community. All models of HpH Sailplanes were also available for interested pilots to test-fly, a feature that was eagerly embraced.

Flight Operations:

The flight operations during the Shark Meeting were seamlessly managed by the airfield team, ensuring a smooth and uncomplicated experience for all participants. The opportunity to explore the skies over Zbraslavice and the surrounding areas was complemented by the chance to enjoy shared experiences, including evenings in Kutna Hora, barbecues, cultural events, and a factory tour.

Closing and Looking Ahead:

As the week came to a close, the participants expressed their gratitude to Jacub and Jaroslav Potmesil and their team for organizing a fantastic aviation week. The anticipation for the Shark Meeting in 2024 is already building, with expectations that it will take place in Regensburg-Oberhinkofen, promising another exciting chapter in the Shark family’s ongoing journey.