Shark Cup 2023 will take place in Zbraslavice, Czechia!

5th Shark Meeting will take place from August 19–26, 2023, in ZBRASLAVICE (Czech Republic).

The airfield ZBRASLAVICE, which is close to the HPH facility, will be the site of the fifth anniversary Shark conference. In 2017, the Women’s World Gliding Championship was held at this lovely grass airfield. The space is therefore abundant, and the resources for towing and thermal flying are 100%

All Shark owners, along with their family and partners, are welcome to attend with their aircraft. Naturally, anyone with an interest in HPH aircraft as well as interested guests are extremely welcome.

Jaroslav with club members will present the daily briefings, which will include the weather prediction and task recommendations. Our goal is to create an enjoyable glider gathering with an exciting competition.

Results of suggested tasks will be posted on WeGlide and SoaringSpot. Of course, you can choose your own task to simply enjoy the beauty of Czech nature.

With a glass of Czech beer in hand, feel free to use this as an occasion to discuss your flight experiences, including any achievements or challenges you may have had, as well as your understanding of flying. This will make for a lively and engaging conversation.

Similarly to previous Shark meetings, a group of HPH service technicians will be on hand to carry out small to medium repairs right away. Owing to the close proximity to the factory, there are a lot more possibilities in this regard, including the ability to perform larger repairs more quickly. (On prior notice)

Room 250,-CZK person/night 12,-EUR

Camping 200,-CZK person/night 9,-EUR

Selflaunch 150,-CZK/ 7,-EUR

Aerotow up to 600 m AGL 920,-CZK/ 40,-EUR

Naturally, test flights with SHARK and TWIN SHARK will be made available yet again.